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Grab 'N Go Snacks

Are you looking for a small meal, but need something to simply grab and go? Here are just some suggestions:

(per bar: ~210 calories, 24-30g CHO(~4g Fiber), 4-5g Protein, 8-10g Fat )

(per bar: ~200 calories, 24 g CHO(~5g Fiber), 5g Pro, 10g Fat)

SlimFast OPTIMA:
(per can: ~200 calories, 25g CHO(5g Fiber), 10g Pro, 6g Fat)

Atkins Advantage bars:
(per bar: ~250 calories, 22gCHO(~10g Fiber), 15 g Protein, 12 g Fat (6 g Saturated fat*)

Atkins Advantage Shakes:
(per 11oz can: ~160 calories, 4gCHO(3g Fiber), 15g Protein, 9g Fat)

Clif bars:
(per bar: ~230 calories, 40-45g CHO(~5g Fiber), 10g Protein, 5 g Fat)

Clif 20g Protein bar:
(per bar: ~ 270 calories, 30 g CHO(4g Fiber), 20g Protein, 8 g Fat (5 g Saturated fat*)

*Daily intake of Saturated fat should be less than 15-18g total saturated fat per day on average, so be aware

Eating whole foods is always the most optimal option, however if this is challenging these may be other options. Everyone has their own flavor preferences and that is okay. Identify meal replacements which do not include high fructose corn syrup.

Simply try one or two to find out which ones you may incorporate into your meal plan routine – Variety is the spice of life!

Other options you may consider incorporating into your meal plan:

  • Almonds (1oz = ¼ c;~ 24-28 med. whole almonds) = ~170 calories / 6g CHO / 15 g Fat
  • Walnuts (English) ( 1oz. = ~14 halves) = ~180 calories / 4 g CHO / 18 g Fat
  • Pistachios (unshelled) (2oz = ~½ c) = ~165 calories / 7 g Carbs / 14 g Fat
  • Pecans (1 oz = ~25 halves)= ~200 calories / 4 g CHO / 20 g Fat
  • Oatmeal (1 oz uncooked, unflavored=~1/3c.) = 110 calories, 19g CHO, 1g Protein, 0g Fat
  • Bran filled cereals (1/2c-3/4c. = watch portions)= nutrition info varies, check label
  • Low Fat milk (8 oz) = 100 calories, 12 g CHO, 6 g Protein, 3 g Fat
  • Low fat yogurts (4oz)
    • Activia: ~110 calories, 18 g CHO (0 g fiber), 5 g Protein, 2 g Fat
    • Activia Light: 70 Calories, 13 g CHO (3 g fiber), 5 g Protein, 0 g Fat
    • Regular Low fat Yogurts: 110 Calories, 18g -20g CHO, 5 g Protien, 1 g Fat

More Info: Scrambled egg whites (using non-stick skillet) +

  • 1 extra large egg = ~80 calories / 5 g fat / 7-8 g Protein
  • Egg yolks have the fat and the majority of the calories from the egg
  • Egg whites have the majority of the protein and few calories
  • Using ~3 large egg whites = ~50 calories, 11g protein, <1 g fat

Idea: Quick Egg Sandwich:

Use 1 organic, whole grain slice of bread (toasted) + 2-3 scrambled egg whites =
~ 175 calories, 15 g CHO (3 g fiber), ~ 15 g Protein, 2 g Fat

Add or substitute:

1 oz cheese= + 110 calories, 1g CHO, 6g Protein, 9 g Fat
1 oz. lean ham= + ~50 calories, 1g CHO, 7g Protein, 3 g Fat
Do not forget about lower glycemic index fruits

Healthy Snacks are NOT Expensive!


Roasted and Salted Soy Nuts (Available in the Bulk Foods Section of Fred Meyer)
($2.19/lbs) = (I bought ½ lb = ~10 servings = ~0.11 per serving!!!)
Serving size= 3 Tbsp Soy Nuts = 1 serving

Nutrition per serving:

140 kcals
7gFat (only 1g Sat Fat; that leaves 6g of the healthy fats!)
90mg Sodium (this is less than 10% of your total daily allowance)
* 5gFiber (this is a GREAT amount)

Walnuts (Kirkland Brand, 20% halves with pieces - Found at Costco)
1 3lb pkg = $14.49 ; 1 serv = 1 oz (~1/4 c.) = 48 serv/pkg = ~$0.31 per serv
Nutrition per serving:
200 kcals
19gFat (1.5gSat Fat; that leaves over 17g of the healthy fats!)
0mg Cholesterol and 0mg Sodium (yeah!)
*3gFiber (yeah!)

Note:Keep Walnuts in the refrigerator to help extend the “shelf life” at home

Almonds (Kirkland Brand, Supreme Whole Found at Costco)
1 3lb pkg = $10.49; 1 serv = 1 oz (~1/4 c.) = 48 serv/pkg = ~$0.22 per serv
Nutrition per serving:
160 kcals
14gFat (only 1g Sat Fat; that leaves ~13g of the healthy fats!)
0mg Sodium; 200 mg Potassium (yeah!)
*3gFiber (yeah!)

1 oz = 1 serving; however there are 2 oz per tub = 2 servings per tub
1 serving = 50 kcals, 3.5gFat (0gSat), 4gCHO (*1gFiber), 2gProtein

You have to double this if you eat the whole tub
2 servings = 100 kcals, 7gFat, 8gCHO(*2gFiber); 4gProtein
Pretzels – 1 oz (~7 pretzels) = 1 serving = 120kcals; 2gFat (0gSat!); only
200mgSodium (<8% DV); 22gCHO (*3gFiber), 3gProtein
I have found that I need ~ 10-11 pretzels for 1 2oz tub of hummus = ~1.5 servings of pretzels, therefore I count it as
180 kcals, 33gCHO ( *4‐5gFiber)

UtzPreztels and Tribe Hummus *
Cost Analysis = $0.59 per serving!
Nutritional analysis = 10-11 pretzels + 2oz tub hummus = 280 kcals, 41gCHO (*7gFiber)
(if you subtract fiber from Total CHO = 36gNet CHO)

Use the pretzels and hummus as a midmorning snack when you have had a very small “breakfast” or if you have been short on time and weren’t able to get a “traditional breakfast” – remember to think “outside the box” for meals or snacks.

For more information, please consult with the medical professionals at Diabetes and Lipid Clinic of Alaska.

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