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Animas | www.animascorp.com | 877-937-7867              
Makers of the 2020, IR1250, IR1200, IR 1000

Deltec | www.cozmore.com | 800-826-9703              
Makers of the Deltec Cozmo insulin pump.

Disetronic | www.disetronic-usa.com | 800-280-7801              
Makers of the Spirit insulin pump.

MiniMed | www.minimed.com | 800-646-4633             
Makers of the 522/722 insulin pump

Insulet | www.myomnipod.com | 781-457-5000              
Makers of the Omnipod insulin pump.

For further information please consult with the medical professionals at Diabetes and Lipid Clinic of Alaska.